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Silicone Spill Stopper for Stainless Steel 40 Oz Tumbler - Handle Straw Cover Caps

Silicone Spill Stopper for Stainless Steel 40 Oz Tumbler - Handle Straw Cover Caps

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  • Leak-Resistant Solution: Say goodbye to unwanted tumbler spills. Our silicone spill stopper for Stanley cups offers a practical solution, significantly reducing the chances of messy leaks.
  • Quality Assurance: Crafted from safe food-grade silicone, our spill stopper is both eco-friendly and durable. It's designed to withstand daily use without losing its shape and provides reliable heat resistance and sealing performance. Our spill stopper set is compatible with stanley straw cover, stanley straw topper and stanley accessories.
  • Effortless Usage & Cleaning: Installing our spill stopper is hassle-free – simply place it on your tumbler lid and press gently. It fits snugly and securely and is easy to clean either by hand or in the dishwasher, making it a convenient addition to your tumbler accessories.
  • Comprehensive Protection: This set includes straw topper, square spill stoppers, and round lid leak stoppers. The straw cover keeps your straw clean and spill-free. The square plug securely seals the straw, while the round plug ensures a smooth drinking experience. Enjoy a mess-free tumbler experience!
  • Note: Foogwee Spill Stopper Set fit for Stanley 30 oz and 40 oz Quencher 1.0&H2.0 Tumbler with Handle and 10mm/0.4inch diameter straws, please measure your cup and straw size before purchasing foogwee spill stopper set.
  • How to Use: Step 1,Insert 10mm straw into square spill stopper. Step 2, Install square spill stopper in stanley cup lid's drinking hole. Step 3, Attach round spill stopper in the middle of stanley cup lid's back. Step 4, Place straw cover cap on the straw.

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Silicone Spill Stopper for Stanley 40/30 oz Quencher

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